Plato, the philosopher of the ancient Greece, used the term «maieutics» to describe a special method to discover the truth. In this dialogue-based method applied by Socrates, Plato’s teacher, a form of inquiry and debate between individuals is used to stimulate critical thinking and questioning, to «give birth» to insight, and to differentiate between true and fake ideas. In his terminology, Socrates also draws some parallels between this method and an obstetric activity.

This term in our company name stands for several aspects of our intellectual origin as well as a symbol for our business culture:

  • For our background, education and intellectual curiosity
  • For our approach to have an open, honest and ongoing dialogue with the client
  • For our critical attitude towards (expensive) investment propositions and product solutions developed by financial institutions and asset managers
  • For our permanent searching and researching for attractive and cost-efficient investments

Through this approach, in combination with our uncompromised independence, our profound experience and the consistent commitment to protect the interests of our clients, we help our clients to grow their assets in accordance with their objectives in a sustainable manner.

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