Are you concerned about any of the following issues, or would you answer some of the following questions with «Yes»? In this case we should have an initial conversation about your requirements and expectations.

  • Do you believe that your bank advisor‘s main objective is about selling products instead of giving proper advise to you to achieve your personal targets?
  • Are you unsatisfied with the performance of your portfolio during the last years?
  • Do you own a significant amount of actively managed products, however you don’t know if they really do generate an added value in your portfolio?
  • Have you ever reflected the level of total charges in your portfolio - incl. advisory or management mandate fees, expenses for actively managed products, custody fees, transaction costs -, and about potentially cheaper alternatives?
  • Would you like to get an independent second opinion on your existing investments?
  • Do you often feel at the mercy of your existing investment service provider since you do not have enough time to challenge their services and products?
  • Do you feel swamped by the huge amount of information, data and investment products you are exposed to every day?
  • Are you tired of permanently being faced with new bank advisors, and are you looking for a steady relationship with a competent, experienced and trustworthy counterpart for your investment business?

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